Dressing for your Legal Job Interview

What to wear

We will deal with different sections of the body to discuss the topic of dressing correctly for your legal job interview, from your head to the bottom of how your body.

An interview is an important meeting that could change your life. If you look and feel good, you could quickly improve your chances of getting your dream job.

Have a good look at your feet. Start with your toenails, toes, heels, and feet. Because if there is anything painful, it could cause you to have a wrong expression.

Don’t wear brand new shoes, but instead, settle for a pair that are comfortable. Make sure that your shoes look good.

When you dress for your interview, put on clean socks, knee highs, stockings or pantyhose, and check that your shoes are spotless both inside and outside. Ensure the insides of the shoes are clean. This detail is essential, and part of your boots or shoes hygiene plan to make them last longer.


Nowadays, matching shoes and the bag is no longer essential. But if you have nothing else that would match your shoes, then, by all means, wear a different-colored handbag, and maybe a belt that matches the shoes.

If you wear strappy sandals, your feet must look good.

If your shoes are closed or court shoes, even in the summer, try to wear knee highs if you’re wearing pants, or wear pantyhose or stockings if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress.

Do not wear knee-highs, stockings or pantyhose with ladders or holes or snags in them as it looks terrible.

Do not wear brightly colored or gimmicky shoes, shoes with jewelry, tassels, pom-poms, or any other quirky gadgetry on your feet.


Try to wear shoes and a belt of the same color.

Your shoes with laces must be correctly tied.

Do not wear brightly colored or unusual, or neon-colored socks.

Do not wear shoes that stand out, look different, or unusual, attention-grabbing, or brightly colored, or two-toned.

Your shoes must look good. Do not present yourself for an interview wearing sloppy footwear.

Dressing for interview: what to wear – put your best foot forward

As stated, an interview is an important meeting, and it can change your life. We want to ensure that you will look good and feel good – thus improving your chances of getting the job.

Try to wear shoes and a belt of the same color. Wear dark socks with a dark suit or pants.

Do not wear white socks.

Men shouldn’t wear sandals when applying for an office job.

When applying for any job, wear socks.

If you’re wearing lace-up shoes, ensure that the laces are tied correctly.

Do not wear brightly colored or unusual, or neon-colored socks.

Do not wear attention-grabbing, or brightly colored, or two-toned.

What to Wear: How To Be Hip! – Knees to Waists

This section won’t be so noticeable when you’re sitting down.

However, it is indeed observed on your way in and out of the interview and, if you’ve dressed incorrectly, it will be more prominent.

Clothing for Women

Pencil line skirts look efficient and smart. They are generally not too tight and also not too short, and they look businesslike at all times.

Button through’s, slits or wrap-around are passable but should not be too tight, too short, or too much slit in the front, or not enough wrap around.

Make sure your buttons and zip and are sewn on correctly.

Always check your waistband for a good fit. If it’s too tight, then move the fastener.

Please do not wear suggestive clothes of any kind to an interview.


You must carefully check your trousers because they should have a sharp knife crease down the center;

Don’t buy clothes that go baggy after wearing them for a few hours, from standing up or sitting down in reception for a few hours. You shouldn’t wear creased clothes for the interview.

Double-check the stain situation – oh that just happened today, doesn’t go well at Interviews;

Look at the colors please, don’t wear navy trousers, dark brown socks, and black shoes: it tells the interviewer you’re color blind, don’t like asking, or just don’t care;

Check your rearview – no matter how fashion dictates – to have the material at the back, hanging at a different level – higher or lower than the other side, is an absolute no!

If the back seam of your trousers is bulging out, then don’t wear those pants as they might come apart during the interview.

Do not wear trousers if the zip on your pants is not sewn correctly, then rather not wear them.

Make sure your waistband fits correctly.

Get your shoes and belt to match.  It makes you look good!

What to wear – put on a happy face

We started with the face because everyone seems to start with the face. The face gives us expressions to interpret.

It seems that we dress our faces in makeup and not our hair. But I think it’s the women who cover their faces with makeup and the men who wear their faces with hair.

The face communicates so much –wrinkling of the forehead, a look in the eye, a flutter of the lash.

Do not forget your voice. How you present your voice can make or break your interview.

Bare-Faced Women and Men.

If I speak of your face, it includes your ears and your neck.

Be clean-faced or have a well-presented beard. You must look clean and presentable.

Avoid having red and tired-looking eyes. Use eye drops if necessary.

Clean your teeth, gums, and tongue and make sure you have cleaned them thorough, flossed and used mouthwash;

Manage your ear hair; preferably remove them before the interview.

Make sure that your eyebrows and facial hair look good and are well presented.

Use a toner if you are used to using it. Maybe apply some aftershave if you are a man.

Apply your moisturizer and sunscreen.

Men can now apply their cologne.

Women can apply their makeup – just do not overdo this, and make sure your lipstick is applied beautifully.

WHAT TO WEAR – Your Hair

Work hard to ensure you have a ‘good hair day’!

Our hair and how we wear it says a great deal about the person beneath and has a significant impact on any interview situation. It is an essential part of our bodies that requires sufficient attention.

Your hair can make you look healthy and clean. At the same token, it can make you look unhealthy and dirty.  Hairstyles can make us look younger or older. Your hairstyle can enhance your look, so think carefully about your hairstyle and the image that you want to portray.

Take the necessary pride in your hair. It will be worth it.

Hair Raising – Women and Men

If you have your hair colored, and the roots are growing out, make an appointment and have them retreated immediately;

If your hair is dry and lackluster, over-colored with a build-up of chemicals, buy the right conditioner and use it correctly;

Treat your oily hair by using the correct shampoo and follow the instructions;

If your hair struggles from the weight and ill effects of a build-up of hair sprays and the like, get a deep cleansing shampoo that will strip all the residue;

If your hair is bushy and springy, consider a good hair gel or hair mousse. Read the instructions on the shampoos and conditioners and ask your hairstylist for assistance. It is vital to use the correct hair product for your specific hair.

Remember that hair may become resistant to one specific type of shampoo and conditioner. It may be a good idea to change products now and then. This will help to jolt the hair back into life again;

Consider your hairstyle and be frank with yourself. Do you look attractive, and does it enhance your facial features? If not, consider changing your hairstyle.

Absolute Turn Offs

Women and Men

Do not keep touching and playing with your hair all the time;

Don’t twirl your hair around your fingers while talking to your interviewer.  This may very well cost you the job.

Do not have a hairstyle just because it’s ‘in fashion.’ Some strange hairstyles are ‘all the rage’ but make the wearer look weird;

Have a natural-looking hairstyle as it will make a good impression.

Do not overdo it with your hairspray.

Do not wear ribbons, tiny little bows, hair clips with small furry creatures, or any other cutesy animals on them, in your hair – it’s all an absolute no.

Don’t wear bling or glitter in the hair;

Don’t wear a hairpiece that is another color or shade; in fact, try not to wear a hairpiece.

Don’t wear a wig that is not firmly secured in place;

Don’t wear multicolored hair; if you must have a brightly colored insert, try to keep it to either a pink or blue shade instead of a rainbow.

Don’t wear your hair in pigtails, plaits, or ringlets – you’re applying for work, not playschool.

Don’t wear scarves over your hair.


If you follow these suggestions, it should help you feel more confident when you attend your legal job interview. Good luck!

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