Online Marketing for Lawyers

Online marketing has changed how new clients are acquired. Over 75% of clients who need a lawyer rely on online resources.  

Essential to keep pace with the digital world, profitable online marketing is therefore vital for any law firm.  

What is Online Marketing for Lawyers?

A law firm needs to make its existence known to prospective clients. For the longest time, traditional methods of promoting a law have helped get new clients (e.g., word-of-mouth advertising, referrals, networking, newspaper, and radio advertising).

While most of these methods still work today, law firms should never ignore the reach and ease of getting new clients through online marketing done best by having an excellent SEO strategy in place.

Online marketing for lawyers works to promote, advertise, and popularize a law firm’s talent and work amongst those needing legal services on the internet.

With SEO marketing, we make sure that a law firm gets the following benefits from online marketing for lawyers:

  • Increased reputation for your law firm
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Increased credibility and trust in your law firm
  • Increased referrals
  • Increased quality leads
  • Enhanced client interaction and engagement

Effective Online Marketing Strategies

This generation of consumers has access to internet services through personal computers and mobile devices. The internet becomes the go-to resource when consumers need legal advice.  

Create a Well-Designed Web Design

A website is a law firm’s client-generating machine because this is where your prospective clients will access information about your legal services. Information on your website will allow prospective clients to decide if they want to hire your legal services.

The better the content, the higher the likelihood of getting hired. 

Like your law firm, your website will also command respect if it is well designed because it reflects your law firm’s image. It reflects everything about your law firm.


Prospective clients will think twice before hiring your legal services if your website is challenging to use, and they do not find the information they need before deciding to hire your legal services.

Visually appealing

A visually appealing website is not good enough. If your website lacks content and credibility, then even the best-designed website will have a lower conversion rate. 

Relevant Content

Relevant content that is regularly updated is what will make your website work in generating new clients. Of course, being visible is of utmost importance.

About 85% of law firms have websites. Whether their websites are working on generating prospective clients is a different thing. 

Most law firms get new clients from their websites; thus, having a well-designed website that is easy to use and contains all relevant information allows the prospective client to call your firm and request a consultation.

Content Marketing

When prospective clients search for law firms on the internet, they want to answer their legal questions.

When using content marketing to generate new clients, your law firm should include easy-to-find legal advice on your website. 

This is where content marketing pays off. Through content marketing, you will communicate your legal expertise, which will build trust in your law firm. When you nurture that trust, your prospective clients or leads will convert into new clients for your law firm.

Website content should include information on what your law firm specializes in (corporate law, tax law, family law, etc.…). This will allow clients to determine if you will have the solution to their legal issues.

Content marketing (maintaining a blog) is one of your law firm’s best online marketing strategies. Data show that content marketing is responsible for bringing over 50% more traffic to your website and generating over 65% more leads.

Search Engine Optimization 

Prospective clients rely on Google and other search engines to get answers to their legal issues. As such, your law firm through your website should always be on the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

Prospective clients only have the patience to browse through the first page of search results pages of search engines. It must therefore be your goal to place your website on that page.

With good SEO, you ensure that your website wins the battle of landing on search engines’ top spots, especially Google. The best SEO strategy should focus on having answers to legal issues in the area of law your law firm specializes in.

SEO marketing aims to place your website on the top 3 spots of SERPs, so it is the first prospective client to see in organic search results. This will allow your website to receive a large amount of traffic.

Relevant keywords are essential to optimizing your website. You should think of what prospective clients will type on Google’s search box when searching for legal services offered by your law firm.

Maintaining blogs about your law firm’s legal services, including your law firm in major Online Law Firm Directories, as well as a presence on Social Media platforms, will ensure the success of your online marketing for lawyer’s program.

The link to your website is included in all of these content strategies, thus increasing website traffic. Your website’s content and how you will engage prospective clients will play a significant role in converting prospective clients or leads into paying clients.

Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram can create sharable legal advice to increase prospective clients’ trust in your law firm.  Social media platforms may not be the first online marketing strategies for lawyers that may enter your mind. Still, these are also where many prospective clients go to get reliable information, mostly reviews on law firms.

Positive reviews are essential to the success of your law firm. It will allow prospective clients to increase their trust and faith in your law firm’s ability to represent them. Press releases on social media platforms about successful cases and resolved legal issues also help build trust and faith in your law firm.

Social media platforms are also one way your law firm can communicate with prospective clients. 

Many prospective clients will tend to search for the profile of your law firm on social media. Close to 50% of your website traffic will be generated through social media sites, especially LinkedIn. Social media platforms also play a significant role in retaining clients.

Pay Per Click / Google AdWorks

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google AdWords allow your website to be visible above organic search results on Google. Many prospective clients opt to click on sponsored ads before turning on organic results. 

Best Online Marketing for Lawyers Practices

Online marketing for lawyers is all about your law firm being visible on the internet to get new clients. In this age of high technology, where customers turn to the internet for the information they need, your law firm’s online presence is as significant as the legal services you provide.

1.a well-designed, functional website that will convince prospective clients to hire your law firm.

2.Informative and interesting sponsored ads (PPC, Google AdWords)

3.Conversion and engagement through blogs and social media sites. 

The main objective of all online marketing for lawyers’ strategies is to convert prospective clients into paying clients. It is, therefore crucial that relevant content is created across all platforms to endure a powerful call-to-action.

Martin Vermaak

The Lawyer Marketing Pro Digital Marketing Agency for Lawyers and Law Firms.

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