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The internet has increased the level of competition for all kinds of businesses. Law Firms and other Professionals, just like any other business, also struggle with online competition. Despite this, lawyers still need to embrace the online world because this is how consumers prefer to gather information about everything they need. 

Attorneys, dentists, and doctors making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can help their practices be on top of the online market.

If you want to grow your practice, make use of SEO. When SEO is done effectively, it can convert leads in a manner that is over ten times better than print ads.

In the past, prospective clients relied on TV commercials, print and radio ads, billboards, and the yellow pages, for information on products and services. Times have rapidly changed, and consumers now rely on digital content.

Search engines such as Google make it easier for prospective clients to gather information about their legal issues. Even referrals, which used to be through word-of-mouth, have now been replaced by online reviews.

The legal industry is typically slow in adopting new technology. However, law firms cannot afford to be left behind by the times. 

SEO: Best Client Generating Strategy

SEO is the process of enhancing your website’s online presence to make sure it lands on the first page of SERPs of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for relevant keywords.

Your website should appear on the first page, and with a high rank on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), it will connect you with your targeted audience. This is what SEO Law Firms work to achieve.

When your website does not have a high rank in search engines’ SERPs, the chances of prospective clients finding your law firm will be extremely low.

The importance of SEO cannot be ignored because it is responsible for placing your website in front of prospective clients when they are searching for services related to your firm.

SEO will use targeted keywords and some website management to ensure your law firm reaps online marketing benefits- generating leads that can be converted into paying clients.

SEO Strategies to Achieve a Top Rank Fast

Google is the most dominant of search engines. Law Firms usually have several SEO strategies in place to ensure that their website gets a top rank in SERPs.

1. Targeted Keywords

Choosing the right targeted keyword is crucial in making your website appear on search engines for prospective clients’ specific queries. Keyword strategies include:

Keywords related to your law firm’s area of law specialization. Most prospective clients will not type “lawyers” in Google’s search box. Instead, they will type something more specialized, like a “divorce lawyer.”  Therefore, your targeted keywords must be focused on the field of law in which you most practice.

Keywords specifically for a targeted location.  Keywords such as “near me” or “Los Angeles tax lawyer” are compelling keywords that target locations.

Keywords that target purchase intent. These are keywords that prospective clients type on the search engine search box when they are not actively looking to contact someone soon. These keywords may include “the best divorce lawyer in San Francisco.” These varieties of keywords almost always convert leads to paying clients.

Using specific tools and a lot of research, SEO analyses can pinpoint the targeted keywords that will get your website to SERPs’ top spot.  

2. Online Content

The quality of your online content will build relations with your audience and boost your law firm’s credibility. Your online content should be optimized to demonstrate the area of law specialization of your law firm.

It can also ensure your keywords get a high rank in search engine results pages and generate more prospective clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions pages and Blogs work well in incorporating your chosen targeted keywords.

3. Link Building

Original and valuable content works well in getting more links to your site. The website of your law firm can be included in online legal directories. Posting on legal directories will help you find many potential clients and increase your backlink profile. 

On the other hand, guest posting opens additional doors for your law firm because you can reach the target audience of other high-traffic sites. You can then incorporate the link back to your website.

The blogs, research, studies, or even press releases of your law firm can be an expert source to quote. Depending on the article being written, the author can include a link to your website. 

Creating links and building backlinks from sites with established authorities is one of the most effective SEO strategies that drive qualified traffic to your website. It also informs Google that your website is credible and trustworthy. These can boost your chances of getting the top rank in search engine results pages.

4. Getting Reviews

Online reviews are excellent sources for referrals. They are also critical in getting a top rank in search results. Reviews influence users who see the search results.

Here is how to run an effective review campaign.

Create a review template that is easy to use; not everyone knows how to leave a review on various online platforms.  

Provide options on how your clients can leave reviews. There are many online platforms specific to the legal market. Giving your clients options on where to post their reviews will ensure they will be on at least one site.

Reviews on your website. If one of your clients posts an amazingly positive review about their experience with your law firm, you can ask permission if you may post it on your website.  

Testimonials from satisfied clients are solid proof of your legal services and will have a high probability that visitors to your website will want to hire your law firm.


Calls-to-action is designed to make website visitors to take action. Lawyer CTAs, however, require additional strategies when used as an SEO technique to ensure a top search result rank.

Calls to action for law firms should be placed above most of the content. The intention is to make website visitors scroll down to see more information about your law firm. 

Your law firm’s contact information should also be on every page of your website and in a striking location such as at the header. Include many ways to get in touch with your law firms.

Display more than one phone number, and email address, or perhaps a live chat option on your website. 

SEO (Search engine Optimization) should always be an essential part of the marketing strategy to ensure your law firm’s success. A well-optimized website allows you to effectively connect with prospective clients in every stage of the decision making cycle; when contact is made, concentrating on building a good relationship by engaging them, is advisable.  

Paid advertisements in search engines can increase traffic to your website. However, it costs a lot of money because you pay for every click generated by your ad. There are instances when users are less likely to click on your ads because they appear to be spam.  

SEO is essential to law firms because it provides a better return on investment over the long term by generating more targeted visitors to your website. When you implement good SEO practices, your website is assured of getting to the top spot of the first page of SERPs.  

Having a top spot in SERPs will increase the likelihood of more prospective clients visiting your website. SEO benefits the legal industry just as it does any business. 


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