Simple Tweaks that can Have a Massive ROI in your Law Firm’s Ads

A law firm faces and has to deal with many things to ensure its continuous growth. Challenging clients, hectic schedules, a competitive market, and the need to have a steady flow of new clients, are some of the things that need the utmost attention. Advertising your law firm will ensure new clients knocking on your door.

Advertising for law firms works just as it would for any product or service. Law firm clients choose advertising methods that work for them. Law firms should understand which advertising method will generate the most leads and potential clients for their law firm.

Before going any further, it is essential to know that there are two types of advertising available to law firms: Analog and Digital.

Law Firm Advertising

For decades, law firms have been effectively using the traditional advertising type, now known as the Analog type of advertising. Due to advances in technology, law firms now also use the Digital type of advertising.

Analog Law Firm Advertising

The analog type of advertising is also what is known as the traditional type of advertising. It includes:

• Business cards

• Print advertisements in magazines and newspapers

• Television and radio advertisements

• Billboards

• Flyers

• Newsletters

• Direct mail

• Word of mouth

The groundwork of traditional law firm advertising is to focus on building personal rapport and relationships with clients and to make your law firm top-of-mind when they need legal services or legal representation.

Digital Law Firm Advertising

Digital advertising makes use of the internet and includes:

• Advertising on Social Media platforms

• Per-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on Google and other search engines

• Content Advertising

While digital advertising is widely used today because most potential clients use the internet in search of any services, analog advertising remains relevant. A law firm can use a combination of analog and digital advertising. What is essential is to know what type of advertising works best for your law firm.

How Much Should a Law Firm Spend on Advertising?

The extent and advertising budget of a law firm depends on its vision, goals, and how much it is willing to spend. The best way to start is to forecast your gross revenue for the year and determine your advertising budget.

Advertising is an investment rather than an expense because it pays off.

Many law firms conceptualize, create, and launch their advertising campaigns. Many law firms, on the other hand, outsource their marketing efforts.

How to Ensure Massive ROI for your Law Firm

Before you can draw up an advertising campaign to ensure a massive return on investment (ROI) for your law firm, you first need to understand your law firm’s brand. Your law firm’s brand is the personality of your firm.

Your brand’s personality includes such things as the values of your firm and its unique selling proposition. Your law firm’s brand is what your advertising campaigns will be communicating to your target audience, leads, or potential clients.

Recognition and trust are crucial elements that can increase your law firm’s revenues and thus get massive ROI. The message you will communicate should bring out these key points. Your advertising campaigns should focus on attracting clients instead of chasing clients.

The brand you create for your law firm and how you communicate with your target audience will give you the leverage needed for leads and potential clients to choose your law firm instead of your competitors. Your law firm’s brand will provide the recognition that will separate your law firm from your competitors.

When you can adequately establish the brand of your law firm, potential clients will seek you out. It is the best position for your law firm to be – potential clients competing to avail themselves of your legal services and legal representation instead of the other way round.

When potential clients start seeking out your law firm, you can be assured of massive ROI.

Traditional (analog) and digital advertising each have several advertising methods your law firm can choose from. You can use a combination of both. Simple tweaks to your current advertising campaigns can bring your law firm massive ROI.

Here are some of the simple tweaks you can consider.

1. Go for Paid Search Advertising

It can be challenging to track which of your traditional advertising works for your law firm. Therefore, it is difficult to determine how you can improve the ad copy of your newsletters, flyers, TV, radio, and print advertisements.

Advertising methods that do not offer a clear insight into how your advertising budget is working for your law firm are not so effective and are not helping your law firm achieve its real potential.

While traditional advertising methods remain popular mediums of advertising for lawyers and have worked or still may work today, its effectiveness can be challenging to track.

• One doesn’t know how many people were reached by your advertisement.

• One doesn’t know how many of those who read your advertisement need your legal services at a particular time.

• One doesn’t know how many people who read your advertisement but still do not need legal services will remember your ad when he already needs a lawyer.

• One doesn’t know how your traditional advertisements compare with your competitors.

You can tweak your traditional advertising and instead go for paid search advertising.

Paid search advertising can help, or advertising on the internet through search engines such as Goggle, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Paid search is based on the keywords you choose that are relevant to your legal services. When a user types in those keywords when searching for legal services, the ad of your law firm will pop-up in front of your audience.

Paid search advertising, better known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), can be easily tracked; thus, this will help you understand where every dollar you spent on this type of advertising is going and how it performs in achieving your law firm’s financial goals.

You can track every click of your PPC ad, and you only spend each time someone clicks on your ad. Furthermore, you can also keep track of the number of visitors to your website, which is in effect the number of people reached by your PPC that needs your legal services.

When advertising data is available, you can make your advertising budget work for you. When the number of clicks falls below your expectations, you can change your relevant keywords.

• You can tweak the ad copy in your traditional advertising forms to make it relevant and suitable for digital marketing.

• If your ad is getting more clicks from mobile devices, you can focus more and bid higher for mobile devices.

Per-per-click advertising is the most competitive and data-driven type of advertising. For this reason, many law firms who want to have higher ROI invest in PPC than any other form of advertising.

2. Use a combination of Traditional and Digital Advertising.

Law firms have been using traditional advertising for the longest time. With the onset of the digital age, many law firms have transitioned into digital marketing and dropped conventional marketing forms.

Traditional marketing differs from digital marketing in these aspects:

• Traditional marketing focuses on providing potential clients with information about the services of the law firm.

• Digital marketing focuses on generating trust and interest from potential clients.

• Traditional marketing deals with human-to-human communication.

• Digital marketing entails little to no human-to-human communication.

• In traditional marketing law firms seek out clients.

• In digital marketing, potential clients seek law firms.

• In traditional marketing, ads are hard copies and are kept.

• In digital marketing, online ads are often seen only once, and users can easily forget about it.

• In traditional marketing, ROI is immediate but challenging to track.

In digital marketing, ROI is long-term but has higher rates of conversion.

When properly used, both traditional and digital forms of advertising are powerful. Although with the advancement in technology, advertising and marketing efforts will become more relevant and useful when done on online platforms. Using a combination of both can cause your law firm to have massive ROI.

It does not take so much effort to transition from traditional to digital marketing or use a combination of both; all it takes is just a few simple tweaks, as mentioned above. The most important thing to consider is where you can find your target audience.

While you can use a combination with digital marketing, your audience can choose when they can access your content, and your law firm should have increased conversion and ROI rates.

However, you should never ignore the fact that many of your target audience is not always on their phones and computers and still prefer to have human or face-to-face interaction.

To ensure more success and increased ROI, the way to go is to combine traditional and digital advertising.


When you choose to go both traditional and digital, it is crucial to determine which of both types of advertising should your law firm focus more. Digital marketing is today more effective but never forget the basics. Leave a portion of your advertising for traditional marketing.

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