The Top 10 Legal Careers in the US

Are you having doubts if the legal career is the best choice that you can have in today’s job market?

If you have doubts, then you need to acknowledge that legal professions are one of the dominantly lucrative industries. In recent years, there is continual growth in the rising salaries and demand of the workforce.

Moreover, we need to make things clear in terms of dealing with legal careers especially in the image of legal professions.

For many people only perceive lawyers in considering the general market of the legal field. Lawyers can be the top earners in this field but many non-lawyers have gained great success.

These non-lawyer professionals have reaped great financial stability and rewards in choosing this field.

In this article, we will let you consider the top 10 legal fields in the US wherein you can choose the best field that suits you best.

1. Lawyer

Every country has a different context of the law process. Moreover, the stepping stone towards becoming a lawyer is going to undergraduate studies then pursue law school.

There is dominantly an added difficulty in taking the bar where there are states that have hard bar exams such as California and Delaware.

If you aspire to become a lawyer, there can be high expenses in pursuing law school. In this, having sufficient money is essential.

Moreover, you should always remember that investing in your studies is one of the best choices that you can have for once you get employed as a lawyer, it pays well.

Based on the most recent data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of lawyers in the US is $120,910.

Many of the US lawyers have multiple clients which can also increase depending on their expertise, work demand, and experience.

Moreover, there are various specializations that lawyers can have. Here are the top law specializations:

• Corporate Law
• Tax Law
• Criminal Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Healthcare Law
• Environmental Law

For a newly graduated lawyer, you can consider the specializations that were mentioned for these are the top choices that you can consider.

2. Law School Professors

Law school professors are commonly lawyers. However, not all lawyers engage in this field for this involves great responsibility in teaching.

This career is suitable for lawyers who love to communicate especially with law students. One of the greatest advantages of becoming a law school professor is a high salary.

In the published 2017- 2018 salary survey of the Society of American Law Teachers, the average salary of law professors ranges from $105,000 to $204,210.

As you secure a position in becoming a law school professor, this also opens up to a competitive job standing. The qualifications in becoming a top candidate are also set high with high-class standing and good educational background.

3. Judges

Judges are the ones that preside the courtroom, hearing evidence, decision making, rules implementations, and provision of instructions for juries.

The judges are the ones that are highly responsible for assuring that the law is followed and implemented in every case.

The presiding of the judges is over the court proceedings in the local, state, and federal courts. Judges earn an annual approximated salary of $66,000 up to $148,000.

In this field, the highest-paid judges are usually assigned in the federal court system.

Aside from the high range of salaries, most of the judges are also entitled to receiving health benefits, a great retirement plan, and additional benefits.

4. Director of Litigation

The litigation support directors are the ones that are responsible for e-discovery initiatives, managing firm-wide litigation activities, and technology resources.

The field of litigation primarily deals with all the necessary processes in taking legal actions.

The average salary of litigation directors and support roles is $80,000.

On the other hand, the top earners in the field of litigation possess highly advanced degrees in business, finance, technology, law.

5. Chief Legal Officer

The chief legal officers (CLO) is one of the most powerful legal executives who are also known as the general counsel. This position requires great expertise and leadership.

The common responsibilities for the CLO are to help in minimizing potential legal risks and violations that may affect a specific department, company, and any public or private sector.

There are also many CLOs who are working for multinational corporations which can let their salary reach up to seven figures.

6. Members of the Congress

If you are a person who is more likely to be involved in politics and to work in changing laws to improve the country or the state, then you can consider becoming part of the congress.

Most of the members of congress have an average of $174,000 per year salary and the impact of helping your country or state can give you great fulfillment.

7. Paralegals

The paralegals are the people who are trained to work under the close supervision of lawyers. The primary role of the paralegal is to keep track of the services that are offered.

The American Bar Association defines the paralegal as the one that coordinates with lawyers and clients matters. The paralegal is responsible for performing delegated legal work where the lawyer is completely responsible.

In most law firms, there are junior paralegals up to senior roles that work with great expertise in the field.

8. Court Reporters

The court reporters are the ones that create the official transcript of every legal proceeding. This may include transcripts of hearings, trials, and legislative meetings.

The requirement is a written word-for-word detailed transcription with a complete record of events and documentation from all the people involved.

9. Trial Consultant

The trial consultant is an expert in the field of work of prosecutors and defense lawyers. This position is suitable for you if you are interested in doing an in-depth background check or research.

Some of the responsibilities of trial consultants are in researching jurors’ background, conducting research, gathering demographic data, performing statistical analysis, and conducting group or mock trials.

Trial consultants are primarily responsible for providing reports and detailed analyses of trial concerns. If you are interested in this field, you can consider pursuing this legal career.

10. Legal Administrator

Can you work effectively in coordination, management, and communication?

If this suits your personality and strengths, then you can consider becoming a legal administrator. This role involves more social interaction and responsibilities.

The legal administrators are the key people who are in charge of running a specific public or private sector and even a law firm.

The legal administrators are the ones that work closely with helping the lawyers.

The daily responsibilities of a law firm administrator also involve resolving conflict, negotiations, gathering information, information evaluation, and communicating key persons.

Find the Legal Career that Suits You

The top ten legal careers that were discussed in this article can serve as a guide for you in choosing a suitable position for you.

If you want to become a lawyer to have a greater opportunity of landing a high-paying position, then pursue what your heart wants.

However, this can require great financial obligation from you.

In this, always remember that there are even law students who continually prove that insufficient money does not hinder the pursuit of dreams.

There are a lot of alternatives that law students can do to sustain law studies. You can have scholarships, educational loans, and other ways to help you sustain your law studies.

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